The production of cutting tools and tool clamping systems requires a great deal of expertise, as it is a complex manufacturing task that often involves coordination of more than 20 work phases. The task is complicated by the need for a swift, flexible transition between low production volume and production of certain types.

Only a few companies can do this, MATRO is one of them.
We manufacture over 200 different types of tool clamping systems, from a few pieces to a few hundred order sizes.
As these products are typically high-value speciality tools, they are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. Our experienced engineers already design the manufacturing process based on specific customer needs.

With the CAD/ CAM system used and our 4-5 axis machines, we can produce high-quality tools in a short period based on the data provided by our customers.

Tool holders are manufactured primarily for our German partner companies INDEX Werke GmbH and Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH. The wide product range includes both stationary and drive units.

Of course, we also manufacture tool clamps for end-users, even for individual needs.