We are proud of our partners. It’s an honour working with world-class companies to produce first-class products that strive for excellence and think the same way we do.

World-Class Partners


DENSO Corporation is one of the world’s largest car suppliers, located in Kariya, Japan. It is present worldwide, its Hungarian subsidiary was founded in Székesfehérvár, the fifth European manufacturing plant of the DENSO Group. DENSO Hungary Ltd. deals with the production of automotive components, reputable car and vehicle manufacturers, its customers are renowned car and vehicle factories. Thanks to their excellent performance they have become leaders in the European market.

Denso website

Korean-owned Hanon Systems is the world’s second-largest automotive air conditioning supplier with 51 manufacturing plants and 23 development centers worldwide, 18 of which are located in Europe.
The plant unit in Pécs started operating in 2019, where the production of refrigerant transfer systems is currently underway.

Hanon Systems website

Munich’s Knorr-Bremse is present on every continent of the world, with more than 100 locations in 30 countries. It is a world-leading manufacturer of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles, and today more than a billion people rely on Knorr-Bremse products and services. In Hungary, Knorr-Bremse Brake Systems Ltd. of Kecskemét manufactures the equipment of commercial vehicle systems. Its product range includes drive chain, compressed air production, brake and chassis control, and wheel brakes.

Knorr-Bremse website

The company is owned by TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P. and employs more than 1,600 people worldwide. It is engaged in the manufacture and development of tow hooks, spheres, roof racks, windshields. ACPS Automotive Kft. of Kecskemét is one of the most important factories of the Group, where tow hooks are manufactured and developed.

ACPS Automotive website

The Neuman Aluminum Group is a global partner for high-quality aluminium solutions. With over 3,000 employees at 17 production sites worldwide.
Their aluminium components can be found in the automotive, packaging, electrical, construction and engineering industries as well as in pyrotechnics.

Neuman Aluminium website

With nearly 400 employees in Metzingen, Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH has over the past decades become a globally successful modern high-tech company. Know-how and many years of experience are both behind the company. It offers a wide range of tools, tool holders and modular quick-change systems, as well as developing customized solutions for specific  production tasks. Many proprietary systems are associated with their name.

Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH website

The world’s leading CNC turning company is the INDEX Group in Essen. Known brand names are INDEX and TRAUB. It is also present in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, and recent years in medical technology and space research. The strength of the INDEX Group lies in providing the best manufacturing solution to its customers, and they have a crucial role in know-how, research and development.

Index és Traub brands website


Based in Neutraubling, Germany, Krones Ag. Maschinenfabrik is the world’s leading manufacturer of machinery in the beverage segment. It has decades of experience and a team of highly qualified companies, primarily in the beverage industry.

Krones AG. website

Based in Heidenheim, Germany, Voith is a global technology group with more than 20,000 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide. In five key markets – energy, oil and gas, paper, commodities, transport and automotive – they provide a broad portfolio of power plants, products, services and digital applications across all regions of the world.

A Voith Hungary website

Budapest based Schmolz & Birkenbach Magyarország Kft. stores 600 tons of steel products in their 1300 m2 warehouse. Their relationship with Schmolz & Birkenbach Distributions GmbH, based in Düsseldorf, enables their customers to have access to the entire range of products within a short time. In addition to the traditionally drawn product line, they sell seamless steel tubes, round steel, welded tubes, hollow sections, plates, and aluminium bars and plates.

A Schmolz&Birkenbach Hungary website

Headquartered in Weinstadt, Cometal Metallhalbzeuge GmbH specializes in the trade of aluminium bars, pipes and profiles. The Hungarian office of Cometal GmbH is located in Budapest. Its main activity is the distribution of hard and semi-hard, lead-free, ROHS conform, Stanal, Perunal, Constructal aluminium, lead and silicon alloys.

A Cometal Metallhalbzeuge website

STAPPERT Magyarország Kft. is a member of the STAPPERT group of companies with a presence in 12 countries all over Europe. STAPPERT is a leading European company with a large stock of stainless steel plates, rods, pipes and pipe fittings. The Budapest company sells 20,000 products of various sizes and shapes in over 40 different materials.

A STAPPERT Magyarország website

The 33 subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners of WALTER AG, based in Tübingen, guarantee the international presence of the company on all continents. It is present in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, energy and rail transport sectors. With its wide range of products, Walter provides a full service to the metal industry. The Group is represented by WALTER Hungária Kft. In Budapest.

A Walter Hungária website

The German WNT Group supplies precision tools for the cutting industry. With its optimized services and unmatched product quality, WNT is the ideal source of supply for machining companies. Headquartered in Germany, WNT operates successfully in 19 countries around the world and is part of the CERATIZIT Group, which is part of an international group of nearly 6,000 people worldwide. Its subsidiary, WNT Magyarország Kft. is located in Budapest.

A WNT Hungary website

Győr based Rother Metal Kft. has proved over time that it can successfully compete in the market of quality tools. With their dedicated technical colleagues, they provide their partners with the fastest and most professional service throughout the country. Their most crucial supplier is SARTORIUS Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. K.G. in Germany, which supplies more than 20 countries and is of the highest quality in the field of metalworking tools.

A Rother Metal website

GRAFKER Kft. in Budapest sells Schiess GmbH machines – CNC machine tools, machining centres – as well as distribution of cutting tools, 3D optical and tactile CNC measuring machines, measuring devices, measuring instruments and accessories. The company operates a nationwide network of technical experts and has a vast stock of supplies to meet almost every need. Their primary investment is the demonstration and training of manufacturers’ measuring machines.

A GRAFKER website

Deutsche Leasing Hungaria in Budapest is a member of the German Deutsche Leasing Group with nearly 2000 employees in more than 20 countries. The company is one of the largest and most efficient financial organizations in the world. Deutsche Leasing is active in the construction, metalworking, printing, transportation and logistics equipment and agricultural machinery sectors.

A Deutsche Leasing Hungaria website

Pan European Asset Company (PEAC), as a Machine Leasing Specialist, offers financing services for manufacturing and manufacturing asset investments. It provides dynamic, efficient and customer-oriented, innovative and intelligent financing solutions to its clients.

A Deutsche Leasing Hungaria website

Ober Leasing Zrt. offers competitive asset financing solutions primarily to small and medium-sized businesses and retail customers. It is owned by Oberbank AG of Austria, with headquarters in Linz and branches in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The parent company has 140 years of funding experience, extensive relationships and excellent refinancing opportunities. Ober Leasing has its headquarters in Budapest.

Az Ober Lízing webiste

PneuPlus Ltd. in Pécs provides comprehensive care for companies. They also carry out complete maintenance of machines, equipment, parts supply, consulting and on-demand training. Their main activities include distribution, maintenance, repair of compressors, air tanks, compressed air and waste heat recovery equipment, as well as sales, consulting and installation of pneumatic components.

A Pneuplus website

Forró Drót Kft. of Pécs deals with the design, installation and operation of modern low-current systems. They are present throughout the country – in industrial and agricultural facilities, state, municipal and financial institutions, office buildings, department stores, and historic buildings. Their fire and security systems are designed to protect as many human lives, intellectual and material assets as possible.

A Forró Drót website

The main profile of Elektro-Uno Kereskedlmi és Szolgáltató Bt. in Pécs is the retail and wholesale trade of electrical materials and the design and manufacture of power equipment. Its stores and offices are located throughout the country, including Pécs, Dombóvár, Komló, Budapest and Nagyatád.

Az Eletro-Uno website

NanoworX Ltd. in Pécs offers process control and process control solutions, as well as customized applications with state-of-the-art technologies, primarily for manufacturing companies. Their clients are global companies, small businesses and individuals. They wish to play a decisive role in the region and Hungary.

A NanoworX website

Duplex-Rota Ltd. of Pécs is a family business based on printing services. Thanks to their continuous development, they now have a representative office in Budapest. Their range of services is expanding year by year; the average age of their fleet is less than five years. They were the first in Hungary to introduce the digital printing press “Heidelberg and Ricoh”, so besides offset technology, digital printing is also available in excellent quality.

A Duplex Rota website

Controlsystem Industrial Automation and CNC Service Ltd. of Dunaharaszti has been continuously developing since its establishment and is now a significant player in the CNC machine tool market. Their main activity is the complete electrical refurbishment of CNC machines from electrical design through to electrical installation and commissioning. They sell complete CNC packages, as well as used and new DC, synchronous, asynchronous motors, drives at all power levels. The company maintains two locations in Budapest and Baja.

A Controlsystem website