Modern, sophisticated and flexible


At MATRO, we believe that we can only achieve excellent results with superior raw materials, first-class tools and machines, so we strive for the best in both our sourcing of raw materials and our equipment and machinery.

We have a sophisticated fleet of machines, continuously and consistently developed, which enables us to efficiently produce high-quality, complex products, both small and large series.

At the same time, the flexibility of our machinery fleet allows us to produce vast volumes of production economically. That is, how we can create extensive series or even a few pieces, both competitively in terms of price and quality.

Our versatile fleet of machines offers maximum efficiency and exceptional manufacturing flexibility, which currently consists of over 100 CNC controlled and many other tools. Typically, we choose devices that can perform multiple tasks at once. Also, a development centre and laboratory helps our machine park.

We make essential improvements not only in production but also in logistics to meet and continuously improve the delivery accuracy and quality that our customers expect.

We are always happy to introduce our production hall to our partners.

If you have any questions regarding our fleet, please contact our staff!