Employee and student programs


Therefore, it is vital for us to train our employees regularly and to ensure a continuous supply of labour.

Our employees have the opportunity for in-house and external training.

Nearly 30 secondary and tertiary students are trained on a dual basis at our company with their technical trainer. From 2014, MATRO has joined the tertiary dual training system.

Theory and practice at the same time


]The primary objective of the introduction of a dual training form with the University of Pécs is to match the needs of higher education and the labor market. In addition to gaining practice in their profession, students in their nationally innovative training also broaden their theoretical knowledge during their professional practice.

The result: In a dual training system, a competitive employee is brought out of the school desk who can enter the world of work immediately, without months or even years of further training and additional financial resources.
Training is characterized by much longer than traditional company practice and a much closer relationship between organizations and students.

Why choose dual training?

  • You can learn the latest professional skills from the best professionals at leading companies.
  • Financial autonomy, immediate job opportunities: After college, you get a student job with the company and get paid to help reduce the financial burden on parents.
  • Diverse and intensive curriculum: 7 semesters. During the term you spend 1-3 days a week on company practice, depending on the grade, at the end of the winter exam period, you must complete two weeks of summer practice, followed by eight weeks of continuous training.
  • You can stand out and be among the most successful at the beginning of your studies!
  • You can acquire practical knowledge that is based on solid theoretical knowledge!
  • Great job opportunities! International experience shows that 85% of dual education students leave the school desk with a work contract.Kiváló lehetőségek a munkaerőpiacon!
  • BA safe career path!