About us

About us

When we started MATRO more than two and a half decades ago with my father, we wouldn’t have thought that he would grow into an international company of this size. Our main goal was to help our partners with technology solutions that others are not capable of or not at competitive prices. Resolving the challenges and continuous research has been part of our lives ever since.

We are proud of our achievements and of all the colleagues and partners who have contributed to it and without whom we would not be able to stay where we are. The success of MATRO is our collective achievement.

One of the keys to our underlying philosophy and our success is mutual respect, a friendly workplace atmosphere and outstanding quality. Our commitment to high quality is, from the first moment, a defining core value of MATRO. Numerous national and international accolades in recent years show that the extremely high standards we provide are tangible to our partners, something we are very proud of.

However, we cannot stop and lean back. There are other goals and improvements in mind that we would like to achieve in the next few years with our staff and to write MATRO’s success story further.

Zoltán Kleisz

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Working community

The MATRO Economic Working Community is established.



Foundation of MATRO Kft.


Beginning of part production into brake systems

Matro starts part production into commercial vehicle brake systems.


Beginning of tool production

The core business is complemented by the production of inserts for cutting inserts for Iscar Hungary Kft.


Beginning of machine part and tool holder production

Production of stationary and driven tool clamps and machine parts for CNC lathe machines begins


Beginning of part production into automotive engines

Matro starts the production of engine parts into gasoline-fueled automobiles


Beginning of part production into diesel automotive engines

Matro starts the production of engine parts into diesel-fueled automobiles.


Modern technology

MATRO Kft. Has developed into a company with a high level of technology in recent years.


New investment

construction of MATRO’s new hall begins

2020 spring

The new hall is completed

 our investment, which began in 2018, will be completed and taken over. Production capacity is growing significantly.

2020 summer

Another hall expansion

MATRO will be expanded with a new 4,500 square meter leased hall in the Southern Industrial Park of Pécs. At the same time, new areas are being launched.


Our philosophy

Customer orientation

The expectations of our customers determine the quality of our products. We want to meet these requirements with punctual delivery, competitive pricing, adequate technical content and related services. Our goal is to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction

Participation of our Employees

All our employees are essential to our company. Involving them in the decision-making process enables them to exploit their capabilities. Continuing training not only improves employee satisfaction but also keeps and improves the efficient operation of our company.

Continuous improvement

We regularly review our production and logistics processes and look for development. This activity is at the core of our “zero defect strategy”, which helps to reduce our costs.