Professional design and production preparation


MATRO is not just a manufacturing company. With nearly 30 years of experience behind us, we are often involved in the design phase of our products, which affects the cost-effective production and quality of our product. This approach allows us to optimize outcomes already during the design process.

Our experienced design team delivers thoughtful and workable products and design plans that offer the maximum functionality required quickly. Our cooperation in this process is particularly useful in the production of high-value products, such as precision tool clamps, which are sometimes complex over 20 work stages.

We use Top Solid Professional CAD software for our design processes and Top Solid EXT / CAM software for programming. We can process and apply the data provided in any format.

Design Related


How big is the design team?

Our design team has more than ten employees. Qualified and experienced engineers who are not only familiar with the CAD / CAM program but also understand the technological and technical changes that are required by each modification.

What software do we use?

Top Solid Professional CAD software is used for the design process and Top Solid EXT / CAM software is used for programming. However, we can use the data provided to us in any form.

Most common


Our design team has a dual mission:

  • performing tasks related to designing the manufacturing process of the products when requesting a quote,
  • optimization and improvement of production processes of existing products.

We carry out all design tasks in cooperation with our partners, taking the quality and the parameters required by the product into account.


MATRO is one of the leading automotive suppliers in Southern Transdanubia. We have a history of almost 30 years, and today the total number of employees and students exceeds 300.

Our main activities are the production of machining parts by turning and also the creation of complex tool clamping units.



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